Darrell Castle talks about the tremendous pressure being brought to bear from the government against private citizens and businesses to take or require the vaccination for the COVID-19 virus.

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Hello this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is Friday the 13th day of August 2021, yes, it is Friday the 13th but whether it will prove unlucky remains to be seen. I will be talking about the tremendous pressure being brought to bear from the government against private citizens and businesses as well to take the vaccination for the COVID virus. Come out now and be vaccinated for the good of all they say. I will offer two competing theories for this pressure, and you can decide or perhaps offer your own theories.

The Castle Family is still healthy as far as we know and enjoying what is left of summer. Temperatures have been in the high 90’s this week so it is still summer although the kids are now back in school. I don’t know the temperature situation where the family daughter lives, but she is healthy and safe in LA.

To give us an illustrated picture of the first theory I will turn to the New York Times edition of last Sunday. The times devoted most of its editorial section to the vaccine and what the Times refers to as reluctance.

“Vaccination rates are on the rise as the hesitant become less so, but the coronavirus will likely be with us indefinitely. How does one process this brutal reality? Many vaccinated Americans are tired, disgusted, and eager to assign blame. Public health experts and government officials, including some Republicans, have shifted from sensitive prodding to firm condemnation of those foregoing vaccination. Private conversations among the inoculated take an even less diplomatic turn: “We were so close, and these stupid, unvaccinated jerks ruined it for the rest of us.”

The subject of the Times reporting was how all these normally amiable Times readers who believe that since they are in a socially privileged class, they have an obligation to understand and tolerate the ignorant, but toleration of dangerous beliefs is quite different from permitting them. That is a quote from the article, so all these people are angry at the non-vaccinated and wondering what to do with their anger. The bottom line is that these normally virtuous, oh so morally superior progressive Times readers want to martial the force of the government to enforce vaccine mandates.

Their opinion seems to be that there is this thing out there somewhere called normal and that thing is being withheld from them and the rest of the human race. It is actually being held for ransom because a few jerks will not get the vaccine. Normal will not be allowed to return until we are all vaccinated so tell everyone you know to vaccinate everyone even kids.

The government, which has the legal right to use brute force against those who haven’t harmed anyone, such as those who refuse the vaccine, should force them to be vaccinated. The holier than thou sense of self-righteous anger almost literally drips from the page of the Times, but the entire opinion presumes certain things to be true which may be entirely false.

It presumes that their experts are the best most knowledgeable experts, and we should all abandon what many competing scientists and doctors say and accept their expert opinions. It also presumes that the government, through its leaders, is completely benign with the best of intentions. The only thing the government cares about is the well-being of the American people and it is willing to bear any burden and spend as much taxpayer money as necessary to ensure the best for the American people.

The pharmaceutical industry is the same way of course and although it must profit to succeed, money is not the issue, the health of the American people, indeed the entire world is the issue. The only reason the industry demanded and got a complete exemption from legal liability for its products was because of those greedy products liability lawyers. This theory also presumes that the vaccines are effective in preventing infection by the COVID virus and if the vaccinated have a breakthrough infection it is always mild and never fatal.

The government is doing its very best to keep us all safe, but because of all those unvaccinated jerks out there, cases continue to grow. People continue to test positive and therefore we cannot return to normal. Since masks and lockdowns are always helpful, and usually will stop the virus they must be mandated, and we all must suffer because of those jerks. It is, therefore, perfectly understandable if the government loses its temper and tells the jerks that government agents will hold them down and stick needles in their arms.

No human who has ever lived on earth has had the power these people want to cede to the government. Not Alexander, not Caesar, not Stalin, and not Hitler. Now, however, the government, in conjunction with big pharma, big tech, and big media has the capability of affecting every human on earth at the same time. Does that scare anyone besides me? Does it not at least set off alarm bells in some heads. What if the take on the vaccines by the New York Times turns out to be wrong?

There are very credible scientists and doctors who offer a second theory of why the government is so committed to vaccines. Why the government will not even discuss, let alone, test, any treatment for the virus. Why big tech and big media routinely cancel all views of any treatment protocol. The doctors and scientists that I mentioned assert that the vaccine was not developed as a preventive for the virus, but instead the virus was developed to make the vaccines necessary. The vaccines would cause hundreds of billions to flow into the coffers of those who created and administered it. The whole thing would be completely exempt from legal liability and therefore exempt from discovered facts about it.

Where did the virus come from? Even the government now admits that it probably escaped from a Wuhan China lab. During the 6000 years that humans have recorded their time on this planet how many cases can you think of where a contagion affecting animals has jumped the species barrier and infected humans. Even when humans consume the flesh of infected animals, they don’t become infected, but just recently there have been some reported cases. This virus and before it the mad cow or Crutchfield-Jakobs virus that causes brain wasting seems to have begun from eating infected animals, or at least that’s the accepted story.

The U.S. government, through mouthpieces like the New York Times, is still in the phase of pushing hard to intimidate those who have chosen not to accept the vaccine to change their minds and be vaccinated. The vaccine is free and sometimes you will be paid or rewarded in other ways for taking it. The elderly have been scared and vaccinated in greater numbers than other demographic groups so now it is time to attack young people with horror stories about how terrible are the conditions in school.

In other parts of the world such as Europe, and Australia, the vaccination rate is much higher than in the U.S., so those governments have moved on to the next stage which is the vaccine passport stage. In order to return to some semblance of normal, you must have an internal passport that documents your vaccine and other health history. I’m absolutely certain that the passports have or soon will have, anything the government could possibly want to know about you now or in the future.

How or why would all the nations of the earth move together in lockstep to accomplish the same thing one after the other? It is easy to see when you realize they are all members of the same institutions like the United Nations, World Economic Forum, G-7, G-20, etc., but it still sends chills down my spine when I realize how close the world might be. The next step for the U.S. is an order that by mid-September all active-duty military must be vaccinated.

That order is different from when I served because in my day, they just sent us down a row of corpsmen who jabbed needles in each arm at the same time. I have been vaccinated against all sorts of tropical diseases and some I don’t even know what they are but none of the vaccines were untested, experimental, RNA/DNA modifications. This order violates the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal Protocols which forbid forced vaccination with experimental drugs. So, are we worse than the Nazis now, or just getting closer and closer?  The President has shown his disdain for the rule of law and the Constitution to which he took an oath with his disregard of the U.S. Supreme Court by ordering through CDC an eviction moratorium so who cares about international laws against war crimes.

This theory is frightening folks, so I really do hope and pray that it is not the correct one. Why the emphasis on vaccinating young people now? I have seen some efforts at vaccinating babies, and we know the virus doesn’t make young people very sick. The bottom line of this second theory is human depopulation. You can help depopulate by killing off the elderly as did Andrew Cuomo in New York and that has an added benefit of saving money on Social Security, pensions, etc. If you are serious about depopulation you must go after the next generation. Recently the CDC ruled that it is OK to vaccinate pregnant women thus putting the vaccine into their babies’ brains.

My take on this theory is that the whole world must be vaccinated, and governments must bring all propaganda and later force to bear because if all are vaccinated then there is no control group to measure against the vaccinated. When there are problems down the road it can all just be laid at the feet of the virus which of course will require another round of vaccines. If 50% of the people are unvaccinated and have no blood clots, heart infections, heart attacks, autoimmune disorders, and the women and children are not rendered sterile that is a problem because the control group is opposite your ideology.

Humans are going to breed and although you can slow the birthrate below replacement numbers, at least in the West, that will not happen fast enough to satisfy the would-be Messiahs of the second theory. In order to satisfy them you must be able to sterilize women of childbearing age. It should be easy to do because you have already propagandized them to the point, they will kill their own children and call it a right to reproductive freedom. Just one more step to convince them that they must be inoculated against a virus that will barely affect them. The vaccine, made from experimental gene altering substances will render many of them unable to bear children for life. Many will develop autoimmune diseases, and other chronic problems that will disable many for life. That is the essence of the second theory.

The second theory is not without evidence. It is not some wild conspiracy theory without a shred of evidence. There are recorded conversations of Dr. Fauci talking to a group of big pharma types and the investors in their stock and explaining it to them, but just in terms of the massive profit not depopulation. The World Economic Forum along with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation conducted a simulation and described exactly how they were going to do it in October of 2019. A massive viral infection supposedly transmitted from animals to humans would spread around the world and terrify everyone into being vaccinated. Coincidence? Maybe so folks, maybe so.

There are problems for the government with both theories. It seems that the final solution may be harder to achieve than was at first believed. There is a growing resistance around the world. In France, 10’s of thousands are out in the streets every weekend to protest vaccine passports. When businesses, even hospitals and medical groups, try to mandate the vaccine for their employees, many of them choose to leave rather than be vaccinated. When doctors and nurses take that position, it has more of an impact on me than the general population. The government’s reaction to the growing resistance will probably take one of two paths or perhaps both at the same time. One path would be brute force and the other is a new variant of the disease, which is even worse caused, of course, by the unvaccinated.

Finally, Folks, some scientists and doctors believe that the vaccine is causing the virus to mutate thus the delta variant is caused by the vaccine. Which theory do you believe to be true if either? Perhaps you can think of your own theory of why the government is so insistent that the whole world be vaxxed. I know one thing for certain and that is that the readers of the NYT are not the only ones filled with rage. Many think their country has been stolen from them and they are powerless to prevent the theft. That’s usually enough for violence.

At least that’s the way I see it,

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle,

Thanks for listening.


Darrell Castle is a Memphis attorney, former USMC combat office and the 2016 Constitution Party nominee for President.

His blog, The Castle Report – Defending Western Civilization, can be found HERE.