Weeks When Decades Happen


Darrell Castle talks about the events of January 6th in Washington, D.C.
and tries to answer the questions of what happened, and what are the results.


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Hello, this is Darrell Castle with today’s Castle Report. Today is Friday the 15th day of January in the year 2021 and on this Report, I will be talking about the events of January 6th in Washington DC. What happened, why did it happen, and what is the result? Everyone has an opinion based on his own view, so let’s take a look at some of the fallout.

Before I begin, I will tell you that the Castle family is doing fine here in Tennessee although we are mired in the depths of winter. For those of us in this part of country winter is not that bad so I have nothing to complain about. I’m happy to say that the family daughter is fine and virus free. She apparently only had some seasonal thing so thank God for that.

The title of this report comes from a quote of Vladimir Lenin. The exact quote is “there are decades when nothing happens and there are weeks when decades happen.” Mr. Lenin was referring to events in his native Russia at the time of the revolution of October 1917. Feudalism had been the economic system and the status of the Russian people for centuries and then World War l changed everything. It destroyed the royal system across Europe and Russia.

In the spring of 1917 revolution took Russia out of the war and overthrew the Czar and ended feudalism. In October of that year a second revolution brought the Bolshevik’s of Lenin to power and started the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics to replace Imperial Russia.  No more feudalism then, so the government owned the means of production instead of the landowners. The people went from a feudal state in which they had a contractual right to 50% of what they produced, to a state in which they had no right to anything except the scraps from Lenin’s table.

In the coming decades around 70 million people died as a direct result of the socialist revolution in Russia. Purge after purge, slaughter after slaughter, war after war, for some 65 years. Regarding Lenin’s quote, decades did happen that week in October about 6 and one-half decades. Lenin and the communists were not freely elected nor were they elevated on the shoulders of dissatisfied peasants. Instead, they took control of the central government through force and intimidation.

There was another socialist revolution going on at almost the same time and that was the National Socialist Revolution in Germany. Adolph Hitler and Rudolph Hess served together in the trenches and as soon as the war was over, they set about trying to affect a coup to overthrow the German government. In 1923 they were sent to prison for 8 years where Hitler dictated his book Mein Kompf or My Battle to Hess. When they were released, they set out to bring about the plans outlined in that book. They won in a supposedly free election, but they had their brownshirt thugs roaming the streets influencing the vote.

Once again, the people owned the means of production and once again the people were, in reality, the government. All production in Germany was owned by the National Socialist Government and was directed toward war preparation. Russia was virtually all agricultural before the war, but Germany had been one of the great manufacturing centers of Europe. I can draw some parallels between these two revolutions and the cultural upheavals in America today.

Fast forward to the year 2021 and observe how the big lie is still the order of the day. I said those things to remind you of what socialism promises but rarely delivers. I also want to use those examples to point out that all the rhetoric and all the, we will do better than Jefferson and Madison, has happened throughout history and always with disastrous results. Mankind has recorded his time on planet earth for about 6000 years and in that time most of it has been controlled by governments through brute force with no regard for the individual at all. In all that time a brief window opened, the blink of an eye, that allowed a different system to enter. That system was one of individual rights through representative government. It has existed in America since the constitution was ratified in 1789 until now. The American people have often misunderstood it and sometimes have not proven worthy of it, but they always had it and they fought to preserve it. I am simply trying to remind you of what we have and what is being lost as we develop this new system of rights based on collective or group identity.

Here in America minorities have rights and the smallest minority is always the individual. Even by majority vote the rights of the individual cannot legally be erased. Our rights come from God and therefore cannot lawfully be usurped by government. The majority, no matter how numerous, are not permitted to usurp the rights of individuals by majority vote or by any other method. People feel powerless right now because they believe a new majority of Democrat politicians and their tech giant partners together with their propaganda wing in the media have stolen their voice and vote.

On the right, a great many people believe the election was stolen from their president through corruption by Democrats. That belief results in a great deal of anger and resentment as the right perceives a double standard. They gather all the evidence they have of fraud and submit it to various courts, but no court will look at it. The Supreme Court did not say we examined your evidence, and we don’t find it compelling. They instead told those seeking relief, we will not look at your evidence. No judicial body ever examined the proof and ruled on It and therefore, more resentment and more anger.

Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler, history’s great mass murderers, are unfortunately not taught in school anymore, but many people have some idea about how they came to power. Those on the right see the street thugs of Antifa and Black Lives Matter as the Democrat brown shirts, as they conducted riots and looting in cities across the country. They see the looted stores, burned police buildings and occupied government buildings. They see the lost revenue, destroyed businesses, lost employment that have resulted from the action of these groups, and they know a double standard exists in the treatment of those groups when compared to their own.

They see government at all levels being very tolerant and handling leftist groups generally with kid gloves out of agreement with them or out of fear of their political clout. Some of the actions of these groups in cities such as Portland and Seattle seem revolutionary in their goals. Those on the right come to Washington to peacefully protest what they perceive to be a stolen election, but some of them participate in violence and whether with instigators or not, they enter the capitol and desecrate it inside. The reaction is so swift and so ongoing they are amazed at what they view as another double standard.

The participants in the protests in Washington on January 6th are not elevated to the status of heroes but instead they are lowered to the status of terrorists. The president they came to support has impeachment charges pending against him. Many of his cabinet and other appointees resign out of disapproval. It is alleged that some of the things the president said instigated the riot and that is unacceptable. Those on the right remember the statement of the mayor of Portland that maybe the looting, burning, and occupation of her city would be another summer of love.

Those on the left know they have the authorities too afraid to act so they take advantage. It’s a might makes right concept and I suppose they know they are on the side of angels so anything to gain power is acceptable. Once in power, even if only symbolically they can shut off the voices of their enemies since they control social media, just as Robespierre controlled communications in the French Revolution. When the operators of the guillotine finally came for him, he said that maybe the Revolution had gotten out of control, but as his successor Napoleon said, writing the history is the chief spoil of war.

Whether the phrase double standard is appropriate or not, it is widely believed to be the order of the day. Mr. Biden told the American people that he hoped to have unity and he wants to see us all come together as Americans. We look at his actions and they do not reflect his words. He doesn’t want unity at all, he wants total capitulation, or unconditional surrender and he won’t have that.

Unlike cowardly Republicans who are nihilists and seek only power, the Democrats seek power because they want to use it against others to achieve their political aims. I don’t think Mr. Biden wants unity. My guess is that he will step on the accelerator of abusive force at every opportunity and rub Republican noses in their defeat. That causes more anger, more hatred, and more resentment because many of those Republican voters think the election, and therefore the country, was stolen from them. Its like a football team gloating over a win when everyone knows they paid the referees to cheat.

Mr. Biden said that his administration wants to defeat the NRA and bring about meaningful gun control. Well Mr. Biden, that is a declaration of war against 200-million-gun owners, not a call for unity. We know that you and your fellow Democrats have already destroyed the 1st Amendment and now you want the 2nd as well. We know what the right of self-defense means, and we will not give it up while we are still alive. People who are denied the right of self defense are slaves to people like you Mr. Biden, so there will be no peace and no unity under those terms. Stripping away the bill of rights by majority vote is illegal and is not to be obeyed.

We will wait and we will organize, and we will bide our time. We are really very sick and tired of being grouped into your mass identification programs. We have seen your results and they are not acceptable, so if you leave us no choice there will be consequences. When a boiler heats up there is a pressure valve that lets steam escape to prevent explosion. That escape valve in America was sports and your woke culture has taken even that simple pleasure from us as well. Sports was our circus, so when you take that away expect an explosion.

The entire way that the events of January 6th has been handled is wrong whether intentionally or negligently. We are all expected to roll over for you and agree that this was a planned act of revolutionary insurrection. We must all agree that it was not based on the impulsive behavior of a few idiots or simply hotheads, and we must further agree that it is a representation of the collective guilt of the entire Trump movement. Middle America still loves Donald Trump Mr. Biden. Do you really want to completely alienate the vast middle which already feels disenfranchised?

You are victorious even though you cheated and unlike football there is no instant replay so how about at least some mercy for the conquered. No, I guess not, but that’s OK I’m glad because your determination to hang the common man’s champion will fuel their anger for a long time. The people will be inspired to fight on when otherwise your numbers could have intimidated them. Sometimes it is better to fight to the last man than to walk meekly into bondage.

Like so many events that have happened before this one, middle America expects no real investigation. Just like 911 and Oklahoma City a quick scapegoat was found, and the blame was entirely on his shoulders. Within a month all the 911 evidence was loaded on ships and sent to China. Why, we want a real investigation, so all these conspiracy theories can be proven wrong so what are you afraid of. The people are left to wonder about these things as they are continually insulted by your electronic and print media. What really happened on January 6th? We don’t accept your explanation, and we would prefer a real unbiased investigation.

Donald Trump will serve as the scape goat this time and all the hatred, anger, fear, and distrust that you have generated will be placed on his shoulders and he will be driven into the wilderness and then you will have had your sacrifice. He had guts; I’ll have to give him that. Guts is a rare commodity in Washington today since that city is populated primarily by power mad fools and charlatans.

He had guts and he refused to bend his knee to the global establishment, which infuriated those powers continually. He was a narcissistic buffoon at times, but he carried the hopes of middle America that its demise could be reversed. The last vestige of the rebellion has been crushed and the people’s champion led through the streets behind the emperor’s chariot. The people know that, but a burning rage fills them and at some point, it will explode.

I would prefer to see some vestige of morality or moral values return to America, but how can a moral value be respected unless it is equally applied. The prevailing political establishment has engaged in a whole year of mass violence against the American people so how can we respect your calls to denounce what your controlled press calls the mob.

Finally, folks, this week in which decades happened, I personally believe was mostly peaceful but for some unknown reason violence overcame common sense and it got out of hand. It can’t happen here, not in America, but it is happening anyway. The country is divided and even families are split by the explanations the establishment gives us, which has been the goal of the establishment all along. I will offer a suggestion to diffuse some of the anger. All you woke people just take a knee and maybe just maybe we in middle America will accept your supplication for what you have done and are doing to us. We understand that you probably can’t help it because it’s in your DNA.

At least that’s the way I see it,

Until next time folks,

This is Darrell Castle,

Thanks for listening.


Darrell Castle is a Memphis Attorney, former USMC combat officer and 2016 Constitution Party presidential nominee.