The Role of County Sheriffs in Saving our Constitution Resolution

by Constitution Party National Committee – October 2009 – Phoenix, Arizona

Whereas, the County Sheriff in the United States exercises great authority in matters of law enforcement in his individual county; and
Whereas, Sheriff Richard Mack, former Sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, in 1994, became the first sheriff in the confederation to file a lawsuit against the Brady Bill, requiring state and local law enforcement officials to perform mandatory background checks; and
 Whereas, Sheriff Mack won a Supreme Court victory which ruled the provision unconstitutional; and
Whereas, Sheriff Mack, endorsing the action of Sheriff Nixon of Lincoln County, Montana, suggests that he would, in the future not file a lawsuit, but simply say “No” to the enforcement of  unconstitutional acts; and
 Whereas, an excellent article entitled, “Can the County Sheriff Save Our Constitution?” concerning Sheriff Mack’s experiences and advice, appears in the October 12, 2009 issue of The New American; and
Whereas, the Constitution Party of Florida is presently preparing to forward copies of this article under a cover letter from our Party to all 67 County Sheriffs in the State of Florida, requesting that they endorse the procedure of Sheriff Mack in present and future unconstitutional mandates; and
Whereas, such action on the part of our County Sheriffs might well be effective in halting  unconstitutional programs and mandates in our country; therefore be it
Resolved, That the Constitution Party at the National Committee Meetings in Phoenix, Arizona, strongly urge all State Parties to follow the Florida example to make certain that every County Sheriff in the United States of America has access to this article with our Party’s request that they reject said mandates.