The Constitution Party Opposes the “Strong Cities Network” Resolution

by the Constitution Party National Committee – December 2016 – Huntsville, Alabama


Whereas, the Strong Cities Network (SCN) is NOT a government body at all, but rather a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with no connection to any government, or even the United Nations; and,

Whereas, the Strong Cities Network (SCN) is run by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), a London-based ‘think-and-do’ tank with a long-standing track record of working to prevent violent extremism across all forms.” That is to say, the SCN is a front group for the ISD, which is yet another NGO run by a fourteen-member Board of Trustees all of whom are directly connected to the global oligarchy, and,

Whereas, the SCN is, in fact, the UN plan for global police, using the Department of Justice to enable the Obama Administration, in conjunction with the UN, to override American law without Congressional input; and,

Whereas, the SCN provides a global platform to support local authorities to systematically share lessons learned, pool resources, and build a community that can mobilize local action on a global scale”; and,

Whereas, on September 30, 2015, at the UN, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced a new worldwide law enforcement initiative, the SCN, to be set up in certain American cities; and,

Whereas, the  Strong Cities Network is worried about violence from the extreme right and broader trends of Islamophobia and anti-immigration sentiment; and, the SCN is a subterfuge  masquerading as the first global network of cities and other sub-national entities working together to build social cohesion and resilience to prevent violent extremism in all its forms; and, the SCN is focused on “helping policy makers to develop effective responses to these violent and non-violent movements”; and,

Whereas, in America, such “extreme right” groups are already defined by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security as Tea Party groups, Oath Keepers, Constitutionalists, defenders of the 2nd Amendment and all who oppose Islam, the United Nations, Sustainable Development, Agenda 21, Common Core Education Standards, etc.


Therefore, be it resolved by this body of the Constitution Party assembled this date (9 Dec 2016) in Huntsville, AL, to:

Strongly oppose the Strong Cities Network, the ISD, and any attempt to inflict UN policing on our cities via any elected official.