Success Stories from the Constitution Party of Utah

Success Stories from the Constitution Party of UTAH

Building the Constitution Party

Written By: Frank Fluckiger, former National Chairman

Successful, positive changes in our society of necessity need to be built from the grass roots up. Strong, morally oriented families built on sound principles are the key to the longevity of any free society. Those family values embodied in the home are then reflected at the local level, and, subsequently, at all higher levels of government of those societies. Strong, moral families are an essential element in thwarting the efforts of those who seek power and authority over others. It matters little whether that desire for power and control is well intended or not.

If the Constitution Party is to grow and flourish, we, as members, must never forget those principles. However daunting or difficult, that is the path that will ultimately lead to success. Two communities in Utah have set an excellent example in that regard. That process took a lot of steady hard work and several years to reach fruition, but it did happen.

Duchesne County

Bryce Hamilton

It all began with the efforts of one dedicated man who now sits on the town council of Duchesne, which is the county seat in rural northeastern Utah.  His name is Bryce Hamilton, who is a former state chairman of the Utah Constitution Party and currently a member of the CP National Committee.

Bryce is a successful businessman in his community and worked tirelessly and diligently to share good principles of government with local leaders in the community. Initial success came with the election of a member of the Party to city council. Bryce, himself, was elected to serve in that body. He, along with others, shared their concepts of good government with fellow council members.

Yes, that all took time and did not happen overnight, but as of this last election in November, two more members of the Party were either elected, or re-elected, to that governing body. As a result of the election, the mayor and three of the five council members are all members of the Party.  They have been diligent in working to keep the local citizenry involved and informed on the issues facing the community. That speaks well of them.


Tooele County

Jonathan Gerrard

Another local Utah community has followed in the steps of Duchesne. Jonathan Gerrard, who has long been involved in the Constitution Party, was elected to the city council of Lake Pointe in a previous election and currently serves as the lead city council member.






Kirk Pearson

A fellow long-time Party member, Kirk Pearson, also a former state chairman of the Party, was elected in November as a member of the Lake Pointe Town Council thus putting two party members in that body.  Kirk fell only four votes shy of being the top vote recipient of the city council candidates.






Sanpete County

Russell Hatch

In yet a third community, Russell Hatch, the current state chairman ran for city council in the city of Manti, Central Utah. He received enough votes in the primary that enabled his name to be placed on the November ballot.  In the November election, he came in fifth of six candidates receiving over 8% of the vote. Three of the six candidates were elected to the council. Considering that Russ is very new to the community, he did respectably well.

It is true that the above elections were all non-partisan, but it was well known in each of those communities that our candidates were members of the Constitution Party.


Congressional Candidate

Cassie Easley

The one partisan race was a special election to replace congressman, Chris Stewart, who resigned from Congress on Sept 15th due to family health issues. Cassie Easley was the CP candidate. Of the seven candidates listed on the ballot and one write in candidate, Cassie came in fourth place of eight. She garnered 3,678 votes, just 850 votes shy of the third-place candidate.

Due to many state election laws, it is critical to run statewide candidates, e.g., presidential, senatorial or gubernatorial, in order to retain ballot access. That is a key element of why running such candidates for office is critical; but having made mention of that, it is winning local races (which is very doable) that enables building a strong state and national party.

As party leaders and supporters, we would all do well to remember this and to focus our efforts accordingly.  It is using this approach by first electing people to public office at the local level that the Party can be built on a solid foundation.


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