Opposing Amnesty For Illegal Aliens Resolution

by Constitution Party National Committee – Tampa, Florida

Whereas, there is a powerful movement afoot in Washington, D.C. and across the country to legislate amnesty for millions of illegal aliens residing and working in the United States, and

Whereas little effort has been made to interdict, apprehend, deport, and otherwise prevent the flood of illegal immigrants into the United States, and

Whereas the ongoing wave of illegal immigration constitutes nothing less than a hostile invasion of the United States, encouraged and abetted by foreign political leaders, in Mexico and elsewhere, some of whom have made clear their agenda to reclaim on behalf of the Mexican government territory annexed by the United States after the Mexican War, and

Whereas the invasion of illegal immigrants presents a clear and present danger to the security of the United States, by facilitating traffic in human beings, drugs, and other contraband, and by opening conduits for terrorist infiltration, and

Whereas illegal immigration and residence within the United States constitutes lawlessness of the most flagrant variety;

Be it therefore resolved that the Constitution Party opposes any and all legislation that extends amnesty in any degree or in any form to illegal immigrants, or in any way rewards the millions of illegal aliens in the United States with legal work status, health or other benefits, or any other rights or privileges accorded to American citizens or to foreign nationals traveling or residing legally within the United States.