The Use of Computer Ballots Resolution

by the Constitution Party National Committee – October 2007

Whereas, the use of computer and machine election (direct-recording-electronic or DRE) election systems threatens each citizen’s voting rights, as defined at by the Supreme Court of the United States which consists of two parts: 1) the right to cast a ballot; 2) the right to know that his ballot has been counted accurately, and
Whereas, paper ballots are the only proven option for ensuring that our votes have been cast and counted as intended, and
Whereas, all computer and machine systems sequesters ballots (if any) from the people,
Whereas, it is common to contract out the “counting” process, done in secret, and
Whereas, credentialed computer scientists from such prestigious institutions as Princeton University and Stanford University) have decried the use of computer election systems as unreliable and easily corrupted.
Whereas, centralized counting and reporting have no place in a system of free elections, and
Whereas, touch screens with no ‘paper trail’ cannot guarantee fair elections, and
Therefore, be it resolved,that the Constitution Party strongly warn against all forms of electronic voting and encourages citizens to demand accountability from state, county and federal elections overseers, and
Be it further resolved,the Constitution Party encourages support for the National Clean Elections Lawsuit (N-CEL) which was filed against ten states. This lawsuit, expanded to all 50 states, will proclaim that the use of any computer system which obscures ballots from the people for any period of time before a count is completed and the results are announced encourages fraud.