Protection of the Industrial, Agricultural, and Manufacturing Base and Workers of these United States Resolution

by Constitution Party National Committee – October 2009 – Phoenix, Arizona

Whereas the Constitution Party declares that the so-called condition of “man-made global warming,” or “climate change,” has no definitive scientific basis or foundation, and
Whereas laws proposed to address this non-existent problem will do tremendous and irrevocable damage, both short and long term, to the industrial, agricultural, and manufacturing base of our national economy, and
Whereas such laws will irreparably harm the employment of our citizens, will do great harm to their economic status, and will economically shatter our confederation;
Therefore, be it resolved that it is the position of the Constitution Party that all laws seeking to address the so-called “man made global warming” or “climate change” issue should be opposed, and
Be it further resolved that all citizens should be mobilized in support of this effort to protect our national economy and the workers of our nation, and
 Be it further resolved that the Constitution Party calls for a full, true, and open national debate regarding the realities and science of so-called “climate change.”