Presidential Debates Resolution

by Adopted at the National Convention – April 2012

WHEREAS, most voters find out about the personalities, character and positions of the presidential candidates by listening to the several presidential debates; and
WHEREAS, the participants in said debates are certified by the Presidential Debate Commission, based on preference polling for which only certain preferred names are included; and
WHEREAS, the Commission members are all registered Democrats and Republicans; and
WHEREAS, their job is primarily to keep the American electorate from finding out about non-Democrat and non-Republican alternatives for President;
THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Constitution Party that qualification for participation in the Presidential Debates should not be based on the subjectivity of a “name recognition” poll featuring whoever has spent the most money to advertise his name, but rather on the objective standard of ballot access.  If a candidate is on the ballot in a sufficient number of states that he could theoretically achieve a majority in the Electoral College, he should be included in the debates.