English as Our Official Language Resolution

by Constitution Party National Committee – April 2007 – Boise, Idaho

Whereas, Languages other than English are more and more being officially sponsored and promoted in the United States in contradiction to our English language heritage; and Whereas, With some 33 million foreign-born people now living in the United States, it would be difficult to imagine anything more divisive of a free people than that they cannot understand one another; and
Whereas, A statutory precondition to citizenship and voting should be the ability to speak and write the English language, the common language that unites Americans; and
Whereas, The Department of Justice spends $27 million of tax revenue annually to provide information, voting ballots, registration forms and brochures in languages other than English; and
Whereas, Driver license exams are given in foreign languages in nearly 90 percent of the states, in some states in as many as 30 foreign languages; and
Whereas, Executive Order #13166, signed by President Clinton, mandated that any organization receiving federal funds must provide their services and programs in foreign languages; and
Whereas, Surveys show that the majority of Americans, some 80%, do not want America to be a multilingual nation; and
Whereas, 23.1 million people in America are limited in English proficiency, more than twice as many as were in 1980, an increase of nearly two million in five years; and
Whereas, Multilingual policies actually discourage immigrants from learning our language and assimilating into our culture and heritage; therefore, be it
Resolved, That the Constitution Party National Committee hereby calls upon all our fellow Americans to support English as the official language for all governmental business by the United States and individual states; ask members of Congress and state legislatures to support legislation to mandate English as our official language, to oppose bilingual ballots, and to promote the overturning of Executive Order #13166.