Electoral College Resolution

by Constitution Party National Committee – October 2009 – Phoenix, Arizona

Whereas, the Electoral College represents the inspired genius of our Founding Fathers as brought forth in the United States Constitution, and
Whereas, the Electoral College has worked for 222 years insuring the efficient and peaceful transfer of power, and
Whereas, the so-called National Popular Vote is a dangerous threat to our Constitutional Republic, allowing as few as eleven states to circumvent the Constitutional requirement of 38 states to amend the Constitution, and
Whereas, the National Popular Vote creates a fake majority by forcing electors to vote against the votes cast by their own constituents, and
 Whereas, the elimination of the Electoral College would overnight make irrelevant the votes of Americans in about 25 states because candidates would only be interested in campaigning in large population states making small states meaningless zeros, and
Whereas, there is no threshold of what constitutes a “majority” under National Popular Vote.  Therefore a presidential candidate could be elected with as little as 15% of the popular vote, and
 Whereas, under the National Popular Vote scheme chaos would ensue in any close election, and
 Whereas, under the Electoral College no single faction or region of the country can elect a president ensuring broad representation across America;
 Therefore, be it resolved that the Constitution Party National Committee opposes the National Popular Vote and will work in individual state legislatures to defeat it.
 Be it further resolved that the National Constitution Party will work to preserve the Electoral College.