Daniel Cummings for President


I have been fascinated by the Constitution of the United States since my older childhood and began a serious and in-depth study of it at the age of 14 that has continued to the present. ​​ This study has included constitutional history, constitutional law, current events concerning the problems of our time, foreign policy and the challenge of America's enemies, and sound free-market economics and its enemies. ​​ That study has never ceased and continues today. ​​ I have learned much even in recent years and continue to grow year by year in my understanding of America's problems, both foreign and domestic.


I was born of good parents and raised in a loving home with 4 siblings in Salt Lake City, Utah, where I attended the public elementary and secondary schools and​​ graduated from Highland High School. ​​ I then attended the University of Utah for 8 years, from which I obtained a B. A. degree (in mathematics) and an M.D. degree. ​​ I worked my way through college for both degrees and paid my own way (I refused all taxpayer supported college loans). ​​ My college years were interrupted for 2½ years by a Christian mission in Hong Kong and the Philippines. ​​ After I finished college and medical school, I moved to Washington D. C. for 3 years to complete a medical residency in family medicine. ​​ I married Virginia while I was in medical school, and we have raised 5 children since then, all of whom were home-schooled, at least up to junior high school (1 of them was home-schooled until college). ​​ All of them are now college graduates. ​​ All of them and their spouses are self-supporting in the American economy.


Since I completed my family medicine residency, I have practiced family medicine for 41​​ years in various states around the country. ​​ I have been self-employed for most of that​​ time and have learned all about the challenges of running a personal business and occasionally working as an independent contractor. ​​ I have also spent a few years working for hospitals and another employer, so that I also understand the challenges of being employed by others. ​​ I have always been in excellent health and remain so now, and I am accustomed to nearly continuous hard work with occasional brief vacations.


I have served in the House of Delegates (the policymaking governing bodies) of 3 different state medical associations, and I served a prolonged term on the Board of Trustees (the executive council) of 1 of those state medical association. ​​ I have served in many lay ministerial assignments in my church.


I have lived in the East and in the West, in the North and in the South, in the mountains and on the plains, in Republican states and in Democratic states​​ (and in vacillating states), and in the Washington D. C. area itself. ​​ I have learned by experience that local problems and political challenges vary greatly around the country, but my experience in living in many varied locations has also taught me that our national problems are nearly uniformly the same throughout our country. ​​ I understand those problems and their​​ nongovernmental​​ solutions.



1. Constitutional law.

Our federal republican government, as it was conceived of and achieved by our Founding Fathers, is the greatest civic achievement in all political history. I believe that our Constitution was divinely inspired and was conceived by men raised up by God for that very purpose. I recognize no higher authority than the Constitution of the United States except for the Christian scriptures and revelations from God. I interpret the Constitution entirely as a document of individual liberty and never as a welfare state document, and I abhor and detest the present ongoing transformation of our prior constitutional republic into a fascist control freak police state and a mobocratic democracy by our present corrupt political system. I am absolutely committed to the restoration of our prior constitutional republic as it functioned in its earlier days, but without slavery.

2. Fiscal responsibility.

Our present crushing national debt must be stopped cold where it is and must eventually be paid off (or repudiated by bankruptcy). I will never approve an increase in the legal national debt limit under any circumstances whatsoever except perhaps during war declared by Congress (not by the president) to protect our freedoms, our national independence, and our national security. I favor a constitutional amendment to repeal the authority of Congress to borrow money on the credit of the United States and to compel the payment of the present national debt within 50 years.

3. National sovereignty and independence.

Our absolute national sovereignty and independence are essential for the restoration of our prior constitutional republic. I advocate the absolute sovereignty of the United States in all foreign and domestic affairs and favor our prompt withdrawal from the United Nations, all of its subsidiary organizations, and other entangling alliances, such as NATO, the North American Union, and the various "free trade" unions; I favor the immediate cessation of any contributions, including any form of dues payment, for such organizations. I oppose all aspects of unilateral disarmament, regardless of its jurisdictional origin, and favor the specific repudiation of State Department Document #7277.

4. Fiat currency.

The Federal Reserve system has plagued our economy for more than a century. I favor a ​​ thorough and complete audit of all its finances from its beginning to the present day to be chaired and directed by former Congressman Ron Paul. I favor the restoration of gold and silver as federal legal tender except for payment of federal taxes and other federal obligations (the federal government should be obliged to continue functioning on its own quasicounterfeit currency to incentivize it to maintain its value).

5. Federal bureaucracy.

I favor the immediate defunding of the Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, Labor, Commerce, Agriculture, Housing And Urban Development, Transportation, Energy, and Homeland Security and their total liquidation as fast as possible. All related real estate of these departments and other government property should be liquidated as fast as the free market can absorb them, and the proceeds should be applied to the national debt, not to any ongoing operational expenses. Many of the subagencies of the more legitimate federal departments should be likewise defunded immediately and liquidated as soon as possible.

6. Sanctity of human life.

I favor the protection of the unborn by congressional action to remove all abortion laws from the appellate jurisdiction of the federal judiciary (Article 3, Section 2, Clause 2) to enable the various states to reestablish their prior abortion laws. I favor the recriminalization of abortion in the District of Columbia (the only jurisdiction where Congress has legitimate constitutional authority to legislate against ordinary criminal homicide). I favor the specific exclusion of abortion coverage from all fringe benefit medical insurance provided to any federal employee or dependent. I oppose the payment for abortion​​ by any federal welfare program whatsoever,​​ including Medicare and Medicaid. I favor total federal defunding of Planned Parenthood and all other similar organizations. I favor abolishing the federal income tax personal medical expense deductibility of all abortions.

7. Traditional marriage.

I favor the historical nuclear family consisting of one man and one woman legally married for life and committed to the care of their minor children. I favor the protection of heterosexual marriage by congressional action to remove all marriage and adoption laws from the appellate jurisdiction of the federal judiciary (Article 3, Section 2, Clause 2) to enable the various states to maintain and/or reestablish their present and/or prior heterosexual marriage and adoption laws. I oppose any and all federal "dependent fringe benefits" whatsoever for any "domestic" or homosexual partner of any federal employee. I favor the prohibition and revocation by federal law of any domestic partner or homosexual fringe benefit requirements imposed by state or local governments on any business engaged in interstate commerce. I favor abolishing federal income tax business expense deductibility for​​ all dependent fringe benefits​​ for "domestic" and homosexual partners.

8. State sovereignty and influence are an essential part of federalism.

I favor the repeal of the 17th amendment and the return of Senate control to the state legislatures with the addition of senatorial recall by each individual legislature and senatorial compensation from the respective state legislatures without any compensation or fringe benefits whatsoever for Senators from the federal treasury.

9. Second Amendment.

I favor the 2nd amendment as it was understood by the founders as a guarantee of the individual right and liberty of self-defense, and the right of the people to secure the liberty of our constitutional republic. Since the founders understood the militia to be the total populace (except perhaps, the very elderly), it should be understood in modern English as this exact equivalent: "A well armed populace being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of individuals to keep​​ and bear arms shall not be infringed."

10. Citizenship should be absolutely linked to unambiguous loyalty to the United States.

I favor the abolition of dual citizenship. All American citizens over the age of 18 who also have citizenship in a foreign country or carry a foreign passport should be required to choose between an unambiguous loyalty oath to the United States and its Constitution (including the renouncing of loyalty to any and all foreign countries) or the revocation of United States citizenship. No noncitizen should be allowed to become or remain a legal alien resident of the United States without an unambiguous oath to obey all federal, state, and local laws. No noncitizen should be permitted to partake of any benefit whatsoever financed by the taxpayers of the United States or the individual states. All illegal aliens should be banned from United States citizenship for life.

11. English as the national language.

I favor the institution of English as the sole national language by federal law and favor the prohibition of any federal function whatsoever in any other language except that court proceedings performed in the English language that involve a noncitizen defendant may be translated into his or her native language for judicial fairness. Specifically, no election ballots in the United States or any of its states shall be printed in any language other than English, and no translation services shall be provided for any voter in the United States or any of its states. Among other requirements, United States citizenship should not be conferred on any person who is less than fully fluent in the English language.

12. Maximum of 50 states.

I favor the limitation of the United States indefinitely to the present 50 states and to its present national boundaries. To prevent the District of Columbia from ever becoming a state or to have any equivalent representation or influence in Congress, I favor ceding the residential areas of the District back to the state of Maryland; this will make the 23th Amendment nonfunctional and should facilitate its rapid repeal. To prevent Puerto Rico from ever becoming a Spanish-speaking state, I favor its total independence and absolute separation from the United States with or without​​ its consent.

13. Congressional self-indulgence.

I favor the abolition of all presidential and congressional pensions without "grandfathering" any of those presently serving or any living former presidents, senators, or representatives or their dependents; constitutional presidential and congressional compensation should cease on the last day of elective office. I promise never to accept any presidential or congressional pension under any circumstances whatsoever, even if it is still legal for me to do so and even if it costs me my life.




Section 1: ​​ On the first day of the first fiscal year after the ratification of this amendment, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 2, of the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed, and the Congress of the United States shall thereafter have no further authority to borrow money on the credit of the United States except as follows:


Section 2: ​​ After the date previously stated that this amendment becomes effective, the Congress of the United States shall have authority to borrow money on the credit of the United States only during time of war actually declared by the Congress, but the debts so contracted by this authority shall not exceed the actual military expenditures directly related to that declared war, and this authority to borrow money on the credit of the United States for wartime military expenditures shall end 90 days after peace is declared.


Section 3: ​​ The debts of the United States previously contracted to individuals and nonfederal institutions for money actually loaned to the United States on its credit that were valid prior to the ratification of this amendment shall continue to be honorably recognized thereafter as valid.


Section 4: ​​ To facilitate the honorable payment of the debts validated by Sections 2 and 3 above, the Congress shall have authority to replace, once and only once, each debt instrument (or a consolidation of similar debt instruments) so validated, at the time of its/their expiration, by a new debt instrument of equal value to that debt instrument (or consolidation of similar debt instruments) that is fully amortized over a time not to exceed 50 years.


Section 5: ​​ The federal courts of the United States shall invalidate any debts of the United States that conflict with the provisions of this amendment.