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By Daniel D. New
19 June 2021


General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff since 2019, should be court-martialed, reduced in rank, and sent to prison in Leavenworth.

The debacle going on in Afghanistan, as you read this, may be blamed on General Milley more than any other person.   

If we had a functional president, some of the blame would also fall on him, but Joe Biden is non compos mentis, hence we currently have no president at the moment. Since Milley has filled this office since 2019, a smaller portion of the blame may well be placed at the feet of President Donald Trump, who appointed him to the office.

Milley is a politician.  Sadly, that’s the way the military works these days, and maybe it’s always been that way.  But it’s one thing to shamelessly promote one’s own career, it’s another to promote political ideology which is clearly inimical to both our constitution and to our traditional values.  The military are supposed to keep their political views to themselves, not use their power to become agents of change.

Milley is insubordinate.  In 2020 President Trump wanted to withdraw all American troops from Afghanistan, but Milley refused. Refused! He told Trump, his Commander-in-Chief, that it was impossible to do so at the time, that the most could be withdrawn was one half the troops.  Trump should have fired him on the spot!  It appears that Trump’s ability to fire people is less than his famous television program would appear. Perhaps Trump’s next book should be entitled, “Good Help is Hard to Find”.

Milley is a proponent of Marxist theory.  At a speech to the 2020 class of the National Defense University, Milley accused the military and the nation of “systemic racism” and encouraged the use of the Marxist ideology known as “Critical Race Theory” in all military training.

Milley is a paranoid leftist conspiracy theorist who believes that fully half of Americans are potential domestic terrorists, and that they deserve to be spied upon and harassed.

Milley is a racist.  He promised make race a factor in his future promotions, something that is patently against the law.  (Yes, he’ll be favoring “people of color” over the Enemy, which apparently consists of those who are not “of color.”)

Milley is a liar. He has deliberately used the communist smear tactic of labeling patriotic Americans who attended a rally in Washington on January 6 as “an insurrection”, which it patently was not.  It was a black flag operation, and Milley is not only in a position to know that, but now appears as if he may have been in the know before it happened. 

It’s not enough to accept Milley’s resignation – he needs to be court-martialed, stripped of all benefits, and sent to Leavenworth.  And he needs to be accompanied by the Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin.

Then should follow a whole host of other military commanders, who are undoubtedly going to plead that they were just following orders (AKA the “Nuremberg Defense”).

Milley has been the principal military advisor to the President, the Secretary of Defense, and the National Security Council since October, 2019.  Austin has held his post since Jan. 22, 2021.


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