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The Critical Nature of Gaining Ballot Status Nationwide



The vast majority of Americans are unaware of the obstacles third parties face to place their candidates on the ballot in each state. Some states are very reasonable in regard to​​ the requirements for a party to gain ballot status thereby enabling that party to place their candidates on the November General Election ballot. However, many states have requirements that are very unreasonable to meet. The most common requirement is to secure a large number of signatures of registered voters to simply qualify the party for ballot status. Then in addition to achieving that, the states require those parties to gain a certain percentage of the vote for specific statewide candidates in order​​ to maintain ballot access for subsequent years.​​ 


This year’s Constitution Party presidential candidate for president is Don Blankenship. ​​ He is dedicated to not only helping us to gain ballot status in as many states as possible but then his goal is to help build a solid foundation for the party in the upcoming years. ​​ It will entail his efforts to encourage candidates to run for local statewide office and to then help them campaign and achieve the required vote percentage to retain ballot status in upcoming elections. ​​ This will in turn enable us to focus on recruiting future candidates and building a strong​​ viable party in those states in subsequent elections rather than having to focus again and again on simply regaining ballot status by seeking the required number of signatures to again be ballot qualified.


Here​​ is where your assistance can be of invaluable support in helping us reach that goal.

We need each of you to commit to​​ donate monthly​​ a given amount of funds to the party for ballot status. I know this will require personal sacrifice on your part. The need for a third party to change the direction our nation is currently pursuing is most critical. A steady flow of funds is urgently needed to enable us to reach our long-term goal. Currently we are securing signatures to qualify the states of Alaska, Tennessee and New Jersey. ​​ Those states have a total​​ of 28 electoral votes. Once those states are on the ballot, we will work to qualify yet other states.  ​​​​ 


In the Cause of Liberty,

Frank Fluckiger


National Chairman

Constitution Party