A Christmas Message from the Chairman & Year-End Update


A Christmas Message & Year-End Update

From:  Jim Clymer, National Chairman


Dear Friend of the Constitution Party,

As Christmas Day and the New Year approaches, on behalf of the Constitution Party, I wish to express my sincere thanks to all of you who have sacrificed for the cause of liberty.  You have expressed your great love for our Country by being a part of the CP family through your financial support, your activism and your prayers.  We are grateful for each and every one of you.

And, sadly, but thanks to the Marxist Democrats and globalist Republicans, there has never been a more obvious contrast between them and us.

2022 has been an active year for the Constitution Party, and since the midterm elections, it has exploded with new inquiries looking for an alternative political party.  People are looking to join us in the great task of resisting socialism and the crazy “wokeism” that is everywhere perpetrated by the 2-party stranglehold. Our country, our children and our livelihoods are being destroyed before our very eyes, and the Constitution Party is needed as that viable alternative because America cannot survive much longer with the current political climate.

The Good News in Review!      

Many patriots stepped up to the plate this year to help us reach our $10,000 financial goal in petitioning the great, “North to the Future” state of Alaska for ballot access.  A long-time member also volunteered to spearhead the effort and build the Party there.  2024 looks bright in The Last Frontier!

Even though there has been a lack of leadership in some other states, there has been no lack of interest.  And, we happily announce the Constitution Party has recently re-organized, or is in the midst of re-organizing, state party organizations in several states, including, notably,

the great “Land of Lincoln” state of Illinois.  Illinois organized and was officially re-affiliated with a vote of the National Committee Members in Sparks, Nevada on November 11.  Dr. Stephen Sylvester is their elected State Chairman along with a list of newly elected National Committee Members.

Additionally, the following states are diligently working to acquire affiliate status at the Spring, 2023 National Committee meeting in St. Louis on April 21-22, 2023:

California, Texas, Alaska, Indiana, Iowa and Kentucky

2022 Candidates:     

The Constitution Party had a long list of distinguished candidates representing many states this year, including Marissa Selvig, who ran against Liz Cheney for the state-wide   Representative seat in Wyoming.  Although Marissa came in behind the Republican candidate, she and her family traveled throughout the state making her name and our Party known to all.

Other candidates were elected to local offices, where they can build a framework for the future and have an influence on their communities.

2 Exciting Conferences    

The Party conducted 2 well attended conferences this year:

1)  Spring 2022 in Erie, PA featured well-known, dynamic speaker, Ambassador Alan Keyes, at a mask/vax free, liberty-loving facility.   Other speakers from the John Birch Society and Liberty University also entertained and educated with their in-depth knowledge.

2)  Fall 2022 at the beautiful Nugget Resort Hotel in Sparks, Nevada where guest speakers included Cliven Bundy and Bo Short.  Cliven shared his riveting story of how he fought the law and liberty won when he saved his cattle ranch from the FEDS in an armed confrontation!   And, Bo, a world-wide motivational speaker, really lit a fire under all the attendees urging them to build the Party.

In Reflection:   

Despite our positive growth and activity, the Christmas season reminds me of the countless blessings our Savior has bestowed upon our great country.

I am also reminded of the immeasurable good fortune I have to count you as a fellow warrior in the battle to restore as public policy those values that have made our country the envy of the world.

Your continued support with an online donation:  Join / Donate – Constitution Party  will enable the Constitution Party to keep spreading its message of Freedom and Liberty.  It will enable us to grow and meet the demands of the newly enlightened seekers of an alternative to the liberty deniers of the two major parties.

Clearly, the Constitution Party is the natural home for principled voters.  And just as clearly a strong, viable Constitution Party will put pressure on so-called “conservative” leaders in Washington and all over the country to do what they have taken an oath to do – defend and protect the Constitution.

     I’m hoping you will make as generous a donation as possible to the Constitution Party by clicking this link and donating on-line.  Join / Donate – Constitution Party 

Your contribution of $1,000, $500, $100 or $50, or whatever you can afford, is very much needed at this time. Your country will be grateful for any amount.

Our message to the Federal Government is that there is a better way – the protection of individual rights and a strong economy through the U.S. Constitution.

I pray in this most blessed of seasons I can count on your generosity so that we can work to offer our country and our posterity the greatest Christmas gift of all, a future bright with hope, secure from enemies foreign and domestic, and safe for the unborn.

Wishing you a peaceful and joyous Christmas.

Yours for Liberty,

Jim Clymer

National Chairman

Constitution Party

Questions or Comments:  Feel Free to Contact Donna Ivanovich