Protecting Citizens’ Privacy Resolution

by the Constitution Party National Committee – March 2002 – Charleston, South Carolina

Whereas, the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides that, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated…but upon probable cause…” and

Whereas, the Federal government’s collection, compiling, and abuse of databases to snoop on law-abiding citizens is rapidly expanding. This includes monitoring law-abiding citizens’ bank deposits, cell phone usage, e-mail, air travel, school children, lawful gun purchases, health care, medical records, immunizations, fingerprints, DNA, and genetic tests. Most often, these databases are built using the Social Security number, and

Whereas, there are renewed attempts by the Federal government, especially since 9/11, to impose a Federal ID on all citizens requiring States to have social security numbers on Drivers’ Licenses. The federal government often accomplishes the establishment of a database through mandates and grants to the State, and

Whereas, corporations are also involved in the collection and selling of personal data without consent. The Social Security Act stipulates that the social security number is never to be used for identification purposes. Therefore let it be

Resolved, that the Constitution Party supports the protection of a citizen’s privacy rights and opposes the use of the social security number for identification purposes and any attempt to create and impose a national ID.

State Model Emergency Health Powers Act Resolution

by the Constitution Party National Committee – March 2002 – Charleston, South Carolina

Whereas, the Bush administration and the Federal government are promoting the Model Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA) for enactment by the fifty states, which completely eliminates the safeguard of separation of powers and checks and balances. The MEHPA makes the governor a dictator, taking all powers of government including legislative, executive, and judicial, and

Whereas, the MEHPA only allows the State Legislature to take action by a super majority vote sixty days after the governor declares a health emergency, and

Whereas, the Legislature can only take action “upon finding that the occurrence of an illness or health condition that caused the emergency does not or no longer poses” a threat, which is extremely limiting, and

Whereas, under MEHPA state and local health officers, along with Governors, are granted dictatorial levels of power with no appeals process to remedy their unilateral decisions to force people to receive medical treatment, vaccines, be isolated, quarantined; otherwise to be charged with a misdemeanor and possibly end up in jail, and

Whereas, the MEHPA provides no religious or conscientious objections to medical treatment and vaccines, and

Whereas, in MEHPA there is no recognition of parent’s rights and responsibilities with regard to their children. This is important when you consider that people possibly might be quarantined separately from their children, and

Whereas, the MEHPA allows government to confiscate private property including food, fuel and clothing, and if so, without just compensation, and

Whereas, alternative health options are completely left out of the MEHPA. There should be recognition that alternatives to standard medical treatments and vaccines, etc., are available, often highly effective and far less dangerous, and

Whereas, the MEHPA provides for the collection of personal medical information, DNA, tests, etc., the privacy of which is not protected. MEHPA provides that the information will be turned over to the Federal government and used for research and end up in state and federal databases. This is a serious breach of our Fourth Amendment search, seizure, and privacy rights. Therefore, let it be

Resolved, that the Constitution Party opposes all versions of the State Model Emergency Health Powers Act.

Center for Disease Control Assault on Gun Rights Resolution

 by the Constitution Party National Committee – March 2002 – Charleston, South Carolina

Whereas, there is a new threat to gun rights that is now being pushed through state legislatures called the 2001 “National Strategy for Suicide Prevention” (NSSP) by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Surgeon General, and the Center for Disease Control, and

Whereas, this initiative is traceable to the 1993 United Nations World Health Organization Conference, and

Whereas, Goal Five of the NSSP, “Promote Efforts to Reduce Access to Lethal Means and Methods of Self-Harm,” states “If intervention is not possible when an individual is in a state of psychological pain, a self-destructive act may be prevented by limiting the individual’s access to the means or methods of self-harm…it may connote redesigning or altering the existing lethal means of self-harm currently available, and to others eliminating or limiting their availability…” and

Whereas, the report says that 57% of suicides are committed with guns, and “between 45-50 percent of all U.S. households have a firearm inside the home…” and

Whereas, Objective 5.2 of the NSSP states “By 2005, expose a proportion of households to public information campaign(s) designed to reduce the accessibility of lethal means, including firearms in the home”. Therefore be it

Resolved, that the Constitution Party recognizes this new threat to constitutionally protected gun rights and that the Constitution Party opposes any and all infringements of the God-given right to keep and bear arms.