Message From the Chairman

Important Message from National Chairman Frank Fluckiger

29 May 2016
 Voter2016-campaign The Constitution Party’s “Voter ’16 Campaign” has now begun. Please read the attached newsletter to get the all the details. I urge you to understand why this is the most ambitious program our party has undertaken.

Right now we are petitioning for ballot access in six states – the very first stage of our plan. We expect these to be successful drives and will allow the Constitution Party to reach ten million people.10,000,000.

If we are to reach this goal – and to go to many other states – your help is vital. I hope 40 dedicated Constitution Party will invest $100 in our Voter ’16 Campaign. Will you seriously consider making that sacrificial gift? Perhaps you can donate $25 – we must have 60 members participating at that level.

Whatever you can give, $20-$30-$40, is urgently needed. The Voter ’16 Campaign is underway. Your contribution today urgently needed.

When making an investment, think of the number ten million.