Message From the Chairman

Breaking News!

by Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman


The Arkansas Constitution Party has just been notified that it has submitted the required signatures to be on the ballot in 2016.

The initial goal of Voter ’16 Project was to reach 10 million people … Arkansas just took 3 million Americans off that figure. You’ll note in the newsletter more good news … our party is growing.

I don’t want to be Pollyanna here. Leadership is needed in many states — contact me if you want to step up to front line political action. Sometimes we just need a contact person to get the ball rolling. Whatever you can do to help an affiliate get started, please let me know.

Commentator Bruce Bartlett has written: “The problem for third parties is compounded by restrictive ballot access laws and other barriers that the major parties have erected to protect their de facto monopoly.” He sees the problem very clearly.

In Georgia for example, it takes the signatures of five percent of registered voters to get on the ballot – that’s 290,000 names!

We must go forward with our Voter ’16 Project. You’ll read of our progress in this month’s newsletter.

We need your sacrificial gift of $25, $50 or even $500. There are about 470 days until the election. That’s a short time in politics.