What We Have Learned

MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN by Frank Fluckiger  – 3 November 2014 –  No matter what happens tomorrow, the Constitution Party has learned some important lessons. Governing magazine has just featured an analysis of state house races. The article notes that, more »

GOP Should Rename Itself the “Brand X” Party

AMERICAN PERSPECTIVE by Robert W. Peck, Constitution Party of Washington state chairman – 3 November 2014 –     I just read something very insightful in an article published in the Yakima Herald. In yet another article about GOP internal strife, more »


MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN by Frank Fluckiger  – 1 November 2014 – Yes, that headline is right. You see, from time to time foreign media contact the Constitution Party for a report on its beliefs, candidates, and an overview of more »


MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN by Frank Fluckiger  – 31 October 2014 – The “Show Me” state gives the Constitution Party the best insight on how grass roots campaigning can be effective. I’ll let the facts speak for themselves: Candidate: Doug more »

Wisconsin and Wyoming

MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN by Frank Fluckiger – 30 October 2014 – Here are two more Constitution candidates we should all be proud of: Jerry Broitzman running for Secretary of State in Wisconsin, and Jennifer Young for the same office in more »

Constitution Party Strikes Gold in Alaska with GOP Defections

OPPOSITION NEWS by Mark Wachtler – 29 October 2014 –    If you’re an opposition political party, you know you’ve done something right when you actually get one of your candidates elected to local office. But when you elect two more »


MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN by Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman – 28 October 2014 –  Our Constitution Party candidate for Idaho’s First District Senator is Christian Fioravanti — a young, energetic, and knowledgeable campaigner. I’ve said it before: Christian represents the more »

It’s Us vs. Them and the Problem is Us

by Robert W. Peck, Constitution Party of Washington State Chairman – 20 October 2014 –   In a world with an “us versus them” mentality, it’s always “them” that are the problem… right? We’re never the cause of our own more »


MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN by Frank Fluckiger, National Chairman – 27 October 2014 –    On October 7, David Luntz, a registered member of the Constitution Party, was elected to the Deltana Community Corporation Board. The Board is the local government akin more »

South Dakota Constitution Party Candidates Ace Campaign for Liberty Survey

- 25 October 2014 –  Lori Stacey, Constitution Party candidate for South Dakota Secretary of State, and Wayne Schmidt, Constitution Party candidate for Public Utilities Commissioner recently participated in the Campaign for Liberty 2014 Candidates Survey and passed with 100% more »